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US-Africa Summit: Biden Calls for Partnership with Africa to Drive World Success

US-Africa Summit: Biden Calls for Partnership with Africa to Drive World Success

US President Joe Biden on Wednesday, 14 December, called for a great partnership with Africa as a key to the world’s success, in front of dozens of African leaders gathered at the US-Africa Summit in Washington.

“When Africa triumphs, the United States triumphs. The whole world triumphs,” the US President said in a speech in which he outlined a series of his country’s investments in the African continent.

Biden’s administration intends to allocate $55 billion to Africa within three years in areas as diverse as digital, infrastructure, health or the fight against climate change.

“We cannot solve the challenges before us without Africa’s leadership. I am not trying to be kind. This is a fact,” Biden stressed, adding that “this partnership is not about creating political obligations, or dependency, but about spurring shared successes and creating opportunities.”

Biden also announced an additional $15 billion in private trade and investment commitments and partnerships. “There is so much more we can do together and will do together,” he said.

The United States has lagged well behind China in investment in sub-Saharan Africa, which has become a major battleground in an increasingly tense competition between the major powers.

The White House insists this week’s summit is more a session to listen to African leaders than an effort to counter Beijing’s influence, but the central tenet of the president’s foreign policy looms over the event: the United States is in a battle to prove that democracies can overcome autocracies.

In his speech, Biden spoke about how the US would assist in modernising technology across the continent, providing clean energy, promoting women’s equality through business opportunities, bringing clean water to communities and funding healthcare.

The office of the first lady, Jill Biden, has also earmarked $300 million for cancer prevention, screening, treatment and research in Africa.


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