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Ten Most Polluted Cities in Africa in 2024

Ten Most Polluted Cities in Africa in 2024

African cities are big, vibrant, and on the rise. But beneath their glamorous appearance is the problem of pollution, and the causes are pretty clear.

As cities expand and industries sprout, emissions climb, filling the air with unpleasant release pollutants that make breathing a bit harder and skies a bit hazier.

As the African population grows, so does the pile of waste. And due to inadequate waste management practices, plastic and various pollutants find their way into streets, rivers, and neighbourhoods.

This pollution negatively impacts both the environment and human health. For instance, people become vulnerable to respiratory diseases, waterborne illnesses, and other health issues.

A recent report by Numbeo, a platform offering real-time information on living costs, quality of life, and socio-economic factors globally, sheds light on the extent of pollution in African cities at the outset of 2024.

The Pollution Index and Pollution Exp Scale are employed to offer insights into the overall pollution levels experienced in cities.

The index considers factors such as air and water pollution, garbage disposal, cleanliness, noise and light pollution, green spaces, and comfort in relation to pollution.

Below are the 10 most polluted cities in Africa:

RankCountryPollution indexExp pollution index
1Cairo, Egypt90.9164.0
2Lagos, Nigeria89.0159.0
3Marrakech, Morocco83.5149.3
4Casablanca, Morocco82.2146.6
5Nairobi, Kenya79.8142.3
6Addis Ababa, Ethiopia76.1133.6
7Alexandria, Egypt74.3130.6
8Tunis, Tunisia72.5127.0
9Johannesburg, South Africa61.1106.3
10Pretoria, South Africa55.194.8

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