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Ten African Cities with the Highest Cost of Living

Ten African Cities with the Highest Cost of Living

Living in African cities can be a real financial challenge these days majorly due to inflation surge. The cost of everything, from housing to groceries, is on the rise.

Basic commodities, such as food and utilities, have witnessed price hikes. Fluctuations in global markets, coupled with challenges in local agricultural and energy sectors, are driving up the prices of everyday goods. It’s a real struggle for many households trying to make ends meet.

While some African cities have experienced notable economic growth, income inequality remains a persistent issue. The gap between the rich and the poor is widening, making it difficult for a significant portion of the population to cope with the rising cost of living.

An index by Numbeo, one of the world’s foremost data and research platforms, has revealed the cost of living in various African cities.

The index utilizes variables such as the rent index, grocery index, restaurant index, cost of living plus rent index, and local purchasing power.

Below are 10 African cities with the highest cost of living:

RankCityCost of living indexLocal purchasing power index
1Douala, Cameroon49.86.1
2Addis Ababa, Ethiopia46.88.6
3Harare, Zimbabwe37.921.8
4Johannesburg, South Africa36.787.4
5Cape Town, South Africa35.187.9
6Pretoria, South Africa34.691.9
7Casablanca, Morocco33.734.1
8Rabat, Morocco33.633.2
9Durban, South Africa33.462.1
10Marrakech, Morocco32.928.0

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