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Discover the Top Ten Happiest Countries in Africa. And Mozambique Is On the List…

Discover the Top Ten Happiest Countries in Africa. And Mozambique Is On the List…

The world is dealing with a wide range of problems, from the high cost of living to pandemics, droughts and economic problems. Finding happiness has therefore become an important goal for countries globally and Africa is no exception.

Business Insider Africa presented the ten happiest countries in Africa, the list courtesy of the Global Mind Project, a global project that seeks to understand society in order to inform its future evolution, health and well-being.

Tanzania boasts the highest score, with 88 points, followed by Nigeria and Zimbabwe, with 83 and 74 points on the Mental Health Quotient (MHQ) respectively. Meanwhile, our country is not far behind, occupying 6th place with 70 points.

The fourth annual “Mental State of the World” report by the Global Mind Project, carried out by Sapien Lab, a non-profit organisation that seeks to understand the impact of today’s world on the human brain and mind, suggests a global decline in mental well-being since the start of the pandemic.

The report compiles the responses of more than 500,000 individuals in 71 countries, covering nine geographical regions, including Africa.

The study uses scores in six dimensions, including mood and outlook, social personality, drive and motivation, adaptability and resilience, cognition and mind-body connection. These scores are also calculated using subsets of the 47 items assessed to provide a more granular view.

Key findings

According to the report, as mental wellbeing has remained virtually static worldwide since 2021, so have the country rankings. At the top of the rankings are many Latin American and African countries, while much of the core Anglosphere is in the bottom quartile.

This contradicts the common perception that wealth increases well-being.

“In our annual report for 2021, we showed that the average mental wellbeing scores of populations in Internet-enabled countries were strongly and significantly negatively correlated with economic metrics such as GDP per capita and even the Human Development Index,” the report said.

According to the study, the United Kingdom registered a relatively low score of 49 on the Mental Health Quotient (MHQ), while more than ten African countries achieved scores above 60.

In celebration of the International Happiness Day on 20 March, find out about the ten happiest countries in Africa:

Country: Tanzania; MHQ score: 88

Country: Nigeria; MHQ rating: 83

Country: Zimbabwe; MHQ Ranking: 74

Country: Kenya; MHQ Ranking: 72

Country: Democratic Republic of Congo; MHQ Ranking: 71

Country: Mozambique; MHQ Ranking: 70

Country: Côte d’Ivoire; MHQ Ranking: 69

See Also

Country: Cameroon; MHQ Ranking: 67

Country: Tunisia; MHQ Ranking: 67

Country: Angola; MHQ Ranking: 64



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