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10 Smartest Cities in Africa to Visit This Year

10 Smartest Cities in Africa to Visit This Year

The 21st century is pretty interesting as the world focuses on smart cities in Africa.

The world is going through a time where more and more people are moving to live in cities, and these cities are becoming smarter and more advanced. These smart cities use new technologies to make life better for their residents and to ensure that they are sustainable and efficient.

With this, the IMD Smart City Index 2023 has incredible insights about the leading African cities in this transformation. It also highlights those doing the best in terms of being technologically savvy.

Are There Any Smart Cities In Africa?

There are at least nine smart cities in Africa leading in this revolution where technology is cardinally the main force. They are building their foundation based on smart technology blocks to provide a better life for its people. But, which are these countries? Here they are.

Cape Town

smart cities in africa
Cape Town city in South Africa.

With its open data site, which makes all the information the city collects from its residents available to the public, and free internet available on city buses, Cape Town has been recognized as one of Africa’s brightest towns. The revolution in external data is only slightly advanced by the availability of city data.

Real-time data is already in use by the city to enhance catastrophe risk management, police enforcement, and fire and rescue operations. Further, the smart systems saw the establishment of the Cape Town Emergency Dispatch Centre. This is one of the major integrated public safety systems that streamline operations and data sharing in the city.


Kenya’s efforts to create a smart city are well under way which explains its Silicon Savannah branding. Currently under construction is Konza Techno City, which is 60 kilometres from the heart of Nairobi. The proposed satellite city will collect information from smart gadgets and sensors incorporated in roads and structures, allowing for the optimization of traffic and infrastructure, smart communication services, and better citizen engagement.

smartest cities in Africa
Konza City in Kenya.

The people of Konza will have immediate access to information gathered, such as traffic maps, emergency alerts, and energy and water usage, in accordance with its Smart City strategy. Besides, the population of this technopolis will directly participate in city operations, adopt more environmentally friendly lifestyle choices, and improve general inclusivity thanks to the availability of data.

Moreover, the widespread use of Safaricom’s M-Pesa mobile money system, is now available in 10 countries. This mobile tech giant boasts 29.5 million active users and processes up to 614 million mobile money transactions monthly, as well as pay-as-you-go solar energy initiatives like m-Kopa. Kenya also has a history of successfully implementing significant technological innovations that improve inclusivity and connectivity which undoubtedly makes it one of the smart cities in Africa.


The vibrant city of Lagos in Nigeria has a stunning skyline and a sophisticated urban fabric. The city’s lively culture encourages technological innovation, opening up limitless opportunities for its residents.


The pinnacle of modern elegance, Abuja, sets out on a bold path to become a world-class smart city. Abuja is a marvel of urban sophistication, fusing technology and aesthetics in a seamless manner.


Rabat city in Morocco, emerges as a smart city icon by fusing history with modern progress. Its urban brilliance is built on sustainability and digital change.


smart city in africa
Cairo’s smart city.

Cairo, Egypt, takes the lead as Africa’s smart city pioneer. Cairo, a city that blends history and technology, embraces modernity in order to improve the lives of its residents and create a smart future.


Algiers, Algeria, is a rising star thanks to its innovative urbanization projects. The metropolis, which is the pinnacle of refinement, strives for a balance between modernity and nature.


Accra amplifies the African smart city narrative with a flare for the future. Accra encourages a healthy urban renaissance by empowering its residents with cutting-edge technologies.


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As a pioneering smart city, Tunis shines with its alluring appeal. Tunis’s remarkable combination of tradition and innovation opens up a world of opportunities for its citizens.


Rwanda has big plans with its planned Vision City mirroring outstanding tech development from other smart cities in Africa. A housing need is driving significant development that gave rise to the vision for Vision City. Therefore, this project is intended to construct 4,500 units to house close to 25,000 people in Kigali.

How Many Smart Cities Are In Africa?

There are at least 10 smart cities in Africa challenging other African cities to follow suit in going the tech way.

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