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Trading CFDs: a Step-By-Step Guide

Trading CFDs: a Step-By-Step Guide

As trading becomes a trend in Africa, there’s a growing number of investors looking to undestand the inner works of CFD (Contract for Difference) and FOREX trading.

While there are endless options of markets you can venture into, CFD trading is just one of the top choices worth considering. With CFD trading, you can invest in various instruments, from stocks and shares to commodities like silver and gold. And all you have to do is speculate on the future prices of such assets. You don’t have to buy or own the underlying assets.

Before you start investing, do you know how to trade CFDs? If you are a newbie, don’t dive in head-on. Take some time to educate yourself. Then, find a good broker and use the best strategies to minimize your risk exposure. Otherwise, you will lose all your investment in a heartbeat. Here is a brief breakdown of the steps you should follow while starting:

Step 1: Educate Yourself

Like in forex trading millions of people have tried their hand at CFD trading and lost vast sums of money. Why? Most victims dived into this activity without educating themselves first and honing their skills. If you invest in CFDs without learning the intricacies, you will lose money, just like millions of others.

Therefore, before putting a single cent on the line, enroll in a reputable online training and learn all the essentials of CFD trading. Also, look for materials on the internet and digest them. Finally, test your skills and knowledge with a demo account.

Step 2: Find a Trustworthy Broker

Today, various platforms allow CFD traders like yourself to invest in CFDs. But don’t commit to the first one that crosses your path. That is because there are many subpar brokers and some outright scammy platforms. It’s, therefore, key to settle on a broker you can trust.

While choosing a fitting trading platform, consider security, reliability, reputation, and user-friendliness. Additionally, prioritize companies with responsive customer support experts and reasonable commissions whenever applicable.

Step 3: Identify the Best Trading Plan

After choosing a suitable platform and funding your account, choose a trading strategy or plan and stick to it. Your strategy should cover how you plan to pick and execute trades. It should be detailed, with aspects like your preferred market conditions and the instruments you plan to trade spelled out clearly.

Never trade CFDs without a good plan because you won’t know when things are going your way and when your trades are performing poorly. Additionally, you will be more likely to be sidetracked or distracted without a strict plan, leading to missed opportunities and increased losses.

Step 4: Manage Your Trades Wisely

Making consistent profits from CFD trading requires several things. First, before investing in any asset, set your emotions aside. Never make emotional trades because they are often ill-informed and likely to result in losses. Most importantly, prepare to use stop-loss or take-profit orders to minimize losses and maximize returns. Don’t forget to keep a close eye on your assets and their performance.

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Start Trading CFDs

Follow the process outlined here and start your journey to becoming a successful CFD trader. Don’t skip any step, especially education. Without sufficient knowledge, you will be more likely to make detrimental mistakes affecting your investment now and in the long run. Also, prioritize trading with a reputable trading platform that has your best interests at heart.

Good luck!

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