SA Minerals Council Assures it Has a Strong Focus on Safety and Health in the Mining Industry

The Minerals Council South Africa gave a strong assurance, at a media briefing at the Investing…

Agriculture, Health and Education Among the Key Sectors for Fighting Hunger in Africa

In the face of rising numbers of people without food due to conflict, climate change…

Portugal and Mozambique Sign Strategic Cooperation Program worth 80 Million Euros

Portugal and Mozambique signed this Monday a new bilateral Strategic Cooperation Program (PEC) for the…

Government Commits to Reducing Extractive Industry Impact on Health

The Mozambican government has pledged to do all in its power to mitigate the negative…

Redbird, An App To Improve Health Services in African Communities

Launched in 2018, Redbird provides patients with easy access to their digital health records through five-minute tests available at community pharmacies. Its pharmacy platform is currently available in over 350 community pharmacies, and offers 10 rapid tests.

US Launches $40.5M Maternal, Child Health Programme in Mozambique

The US embassy in Mozambique on Monday announced the launch of a five-year programme to support maternal and child health in the country, worth $40.5 million (€34.3 million).

South African Startup Develops App to Improve Health Services in Africa

Founded in 2020 by doctors Chad Marthinussen and Wade Palmer, and accountant Abdul Malick Salie, iNNOHEALTH focuses on providing solutions for quality, affordable and equitable healthcare for all on the African continent.

“Pandemic is at a Critical Point,” WHO Warns

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that the pandemic is “at a critical point”, stressing that last week saw the fourth highest number of cumulative cases since the pandemic began. In this regard, it calls for a “concerted effort” of containment measures.

“Africa Urgently Needs More Vaccines” Says WHO

The African continent “urgently” needs more covid-19 vaccines at a time when supplies are dwindling and initial batches have almost run out in some countries, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned on Thursday.