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Powered by Ronil: Discover New Horizons With the Hyundai Santa Fe: Break Free From the Conventional!

Powered by Ronil: Discover New Horizons With the Hyundai Santa Fe: Break Free From the Conventional!

In the words of Eric Vidal, Ronil’s Marketing Coordinator, “the new Hyundai Santa Fe is not just an SUV; it is the realisation of the need for adventure, pushing boundaries and reaching new destinations. It is the freedom to define ‘New Horizons’ and an invitation to a new era in automotive excellence.”

“New Horizons” is the promise of Ronil’s new advertising campaign for this SUV, which is coming to the Mozambican market soon and aims to revolutionise the way we travel.

“The design of the new Hyundai Santa Fe stands out for its distinctive lines and striking presence, reflecting a modern and robust aesthetic. With a bold silhouette and H-shaped lighting elements inspired by the Hyundai emblem, the Santa Fe is designed to stand out both in the city and on the off-road. Its ample interior space also offers comfort and functionality, making it an ideal companion for exploring new horizons with style and elegance,” explained Rodrigues Bambo, the campaign’s creative director.

The brand’s campaign takes a bold step towards a more emotional narrative, through an approach that aims to break away from the conventional technical, where the focus is on the experience, the narrative and the emotional connection with the Hyundai Santa Fe. “Quality in manufacturing and components, technology, performance and safety are elements that have long been recognised by Mozambicans. We want a new, mature approach in which we recognise and celebrate that the journey is as crucial as the destination,” explained Eric Vidal.

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If you would like to find out more about the new Hyundai Santa Fe, visit the official campaign website:


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