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The Importance of the Client

The Importance of the Client

Thiago Fonseca – Partner and Creative Director of the agency GOLO PCA Grupo LOCAL de Comunicação SGPS, Lda.

Sometimes I think about what I would do if one day I was the Client of an Agency. In this article I share tips based on over 25 years working on the Agency side. And, based on that experience, what advertisers have in common that have achieved the best results for their business.

Marketing is the mainstay of modern management. Don’t be surprised if you take a modern business management course, an MBA or whatever and see that marketing is the core subject.

And hence, the importance of the customer. The importance of leaders and key decision makers in companies and organisations taking this into account.

Because they should monitor their marketing very closely on a day-to-day basis. And be involved in the main decisions and even in the smallest aspects of their brand communication.

Involved, above all, closely in the relationship with their agency.

When this happens, campaigns are usually stronger and generate more results for the Client.

Because when the decision and approval teams are extensive and there are too many less prepared players in the processes, the results are usually not the same.

The strategic knowledge of the Company’s CEO, MD, owner or principal responsible about marketing and sharing that vision directly with the Agency is crucial to get the desired results.


An Agency lives on inspiration. That is why it is very important for the client to know and be able to inspire the Agency they work with.

Communication and advertising is the art of persuasion and seduction. This makes the Agency a different kind of supplier. A strategic one. A crucial partner.

The Agency’s main role is to help the client attract consumers to their brand and make them want to consume their products. Therefore, an Agency is mainly driven by inspiration. Clients who know the role of inspiring their Agency have better and greater results.

When that doesn’t happen, the opposite happens.

Clients who treat your Agency as a mere supplier cannot expect the same result. Even if the leaders on both sides, Client and Agency, have a good relationship.

It is fundamental that the teams on both sides, at all hierarchical levels, have good energy in the relationship. That good energy is the main fuel that inspires professionals to do their best work. And that, when it happens, translates into intangible results.

Another factor that leads any client to better results is trust in the Agency.

Or, in other words, don’t have high expectations after your marketing team does 30 reverts for a simple post on social media. This wears anyone down and demotivates them.

Having confidence is about knowing how to give Agencies the space and freedom to create. Oversee the most important aspects of the brand and product, but don’t try to do the Agency’s job.

You have to know the right moment to pass the relay. And not run after the teammate holding onto it. That only delays and loses the competition.

A good client makes your Agency better. He teaches his teams not to create. But to create a better Agency.

Another aspect, which is a consequence of those listed above, is the friendship between the people of the two institutions. The expression of the best relations translates into a strong friendship.

And this is valid and true because they are human beings who live together on a daily basis. The best marketing cases happen when there is partnership, friendship and complicity. And this only grows and builds over time.

It cannot be a top-down relationship. It has to be on the same level. And friendship is synonymous with respect. The best campaigns done have been for clients who have become true friends.

And not only friendship between the general manager and the Agency Management. But also at the level of teams and professionals. When this happens there is no longer Client and Agency. There are just colleagues and good friends.

“Everything is daring to those who dare nothing”. Fernando Pessoa was not just anyone. Maybe that is why he also, for those who do not know, worked in an Advertising Agency.

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This point leads to another. Motivation.

And motivating is a pillar of leadership. The best leaders are servants of their teams.

And the Agency team is an extension of the Client’s marketing team.

There are no perfect agencies or perfect clients. On a daily basis, in this breathless profession, mistakes may happen. And when they happen, you have to know how to point them out, but tactfully. Just as the opposite is even more important. When good work happens, don’t forget to know how to praise. Because that creates motivation to do better.

Working in marketing is an exhausting profession. It’s normal to have to work longer hours than you think. It’s not like civil service.

One more aspect that is not often taken into account is that a good Client helps your Agency grow. Because the whole point of hiring an Agency is to have a partner that helps grow your business. And, therefore, it is only fair that the Agency can participate in this growth.

It is also important to invest in long-lasting relationships. The best and biggest marketing cases in the world are like that. Because the learning and knowledge acquired over time are precious.

And time is also important to achieve all the aspects described above. Trust, good relationships, good results. Share the most important aspects of your strategy with your Agency. You have to drop the dice in order to play.

“Everything is daring to those who dare nothing”. Fernando Pessoa was not just anyone. Maybe that’s why he also, for those who don’t know, worked in an Advertising Agency.

And so boldness is another important characteristic of the best clients. The courage to have campaigns that stand out draws attention to your brand.

On the other hand, making your Agency work with fear and inhibitions results in banal work. More of the same. At the end of the day, the conclusion is only one if the goal is better results.

The Client is very important to the Agency. If not, and in the best possible way, as we say in a very local Mozambican expression, “there is no way”.


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