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Nyusi: “We Can Learn a Lot From Qatar in Terms of Gas Exploration”

Nyusi: “We Can Learn a Lot From Qatar in Terms of Gas Exploration”

The Mozambican President, Filipe Jacinto Nyusi affirmed that his country enjoys good relations with the State of Qatar, adding that Qatar has a lot of expertise that can be utilized in the fields of energy and other areas.

The President of Mozambique spoke exclusively to Qatar News Agency (QNA) on the sidelines of his participation in the 7th Summit of Gas Exporting Countries Forum held in Algeria, said that Qatar possesses considerable expertise in gas exploration and export, as well as other areas related to gas resources. He indicated that his country seeks to enhance cooperation to benefit from this expertise. He added that there are other areas to enhance cooperation between Qatar and Mozambique, such as agriculture and tourism. He added that there is work being done to attract Qatari investments to Mozambique

Responding to a question about the Gas Exporting Countries Forum and whether it has succeeded in achieving its objectives since its inception in 2001, President Nyusi said that he believes the form has succeeded so far in achieving its objectives, noting that Mozambique is attending the forum for the second time as an observer.

He added that one of the objectives was to strengthen relations between member countries so that they can defend their interests as gas producers and exporters, adding that this has taken place successfully. He acknowledged also that the world is now moving towards renewable energies, and this year’s summit was an opportunity for attendees to exchange insights on how to conduct the energy transition process in the best way possible to reduce carbon emissions.

Regarding the timing of Mozambique’s full membership in the Gas Exporting Countries Forum, President Nyusi confirmed that his country is currently on a learning curve. Although Mozambique began exporting gas on a small scale in 2004, it only started exporting large quantities of gas in 2022. He added that, when the time comes, Mozambique will join as a full-fledged member.

Regarding the challenges facing the gas industry, the Mozambican President said the gas industry faces several challenges, citing the balance between supply and demand in global markets as one of the most important. He also mentioned the pressure to reduce gas emissions and carbon emissions, and the need for a fair energy transition.

The President concluded his remarks to QNA by saying that there are factors such as security, energy security, the need to supply energy to people, as well as the need to use clean energies, as well as other challenges like wars in Europe and the Middle East, as well as terrorism which undermines gas field development. (QNA)

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