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MIREME Launches $5 Million Fund to Expand Usage of Natural Gas Vehicles

MIREME Launches $5 Million Fund to Expand Usage of Natural Gas Vehicles

The Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy (MIREME), Carlos Zacarias, launched in Inhambane the Natural Gas Vehicle Development Fund in Mozambique. This fund will be available to national entrepreneurs through a public tender and should be applied in the construction of conversion, supply and import infrastructure for vehicles running on natural gas.

To make this aspiration operational, the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy defined the project and identified the infrastructure model, having signed an agreement with Sasol, which provided the amount, and the National Investment Bank, which will manage access to funding.

The agreement defines the mechanisms of access, selection, and approval of the projects, as well as the management of their implementation and return of the subsidized credit for the financing of subsequent projects through an Advisory Council and an Implementation Unit made up of the three institutions.

With the involvement of national entrepreneurs, and with the economic and financial viability, the Government’s expectation is to see the gradual expansion of Vehicular Natural Gas infrastructures, with an emphasis on filling stations, along the EN1, in a first phase, and later in other parts of the country where there is viability for its implementation.

The creation of this fund responds to the Government’s goal of boosting the value chain of national primary products, ensuring the integration of local content and the promotion of a fuel whose costs are about 50% lower compared to liquid fuels, namely gasolin

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