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LPG Expo 2024: The Indian Example of Success in the LPG Sector

LPG Expo 2024: The Indian Example of Success in the LPG Sector

India, represented by the leadership of Darsh Agarwal at LPG Expo 2024 (an exhibition of companies producing and selling cooking gas), which took place on 17 April in Maputo, proved to be an example of success and entrepreneurship in the Liquefied Petroleum Gas sector. With a revolutionary approach, the country has been transforming the energy landscape through programmes such as the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana (PMUY), which have positively impacted millions of lives, especially in rural areas. The effort to replace traditional fuels with cleaner alternatives reflects a commitment to health, well-being and sustainability, reinforcing India’s position as a leader in global energy innovation.

Bharat Tanks and Vessels is a company dedicated to manufacturing tanks and containers for storing and transporting gases such as LPG. With a career that began in the family business at the age of 7, Darsh Agarwal is now a shining example of the new generation that is reshaping the energy sector with vision and innovation.

“Innovation is in our DNA and, with the passion that comes from generations, we are moving to the forefront of the LPG sector.” Agarwal shared that he started the business in 1996 in the city of Pune, a large city in the west of the Indian state. Since then, “we have been pioneers in the construction of LPG terminals, putting India on the clean energy map”.

Bharat Tanks and Vessels, under Agarwal’s leadership, was highlighted at the event as an example of how commitment to quality and dedication to sustainability can pave the way to success. “India and Bharat Tanks and Vessels represent the spirit of innovation that is needed to drive the adoption of LPG as the energy of the future,” he emphasised.

He emphasised the company’s commitment to sustainability, mentioning the ‘pay-as-you-go’ payment systems implemented to facilitate access to LPG. This model not only reflects the company’s adaptability and response to varying economic conditions, but also shows the trust it places in its projects.

“The manufacturing process in India is fully digitised, and our quality control system is operated by mobile phones and tablets to have evidence of all inspections and a real-time status of all the projects we do,” he said.

The commitment to excellence and quality has been a constant in the words of Agarwal, who prides himself on maintaining the immaculate reputation of the family business. “Our approach is that quality is remembered long after price is forgotten. This philosophy has guided us and allowed us to expand beyond India’s borders, earning the trust of international markets,” he said.

Darsh Agarwal’s sharing of knowledge at LPG Expo 2024 was the highlight of his presentation, emphasising not only technical innovation, but also a commitment to education and skills development in the sector. “We are very active in LNG, propane, butane, DME, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and chlorine. For LNG, we can build storage tanks and make pipework systems.”

Darsh Agarwal also said that they provide “training, operation and maintenance services, so when we finish building the terminal, we send accredited international trainers who will train all the local staff on how to operate and maintain the plant. We also provide operation and maintenance services for a limited period, until the client feels confident to proceed on their own,” he explained.

Bharat Tanks and Vessels, through Agarwal’s leadership, invests in training and certification programmes, emphasising that knowledge transfer is fundamental to operational safety and efficiency, and essential to maintaining the integrity and quality that define the company’s reputation.

The Indian entrepreneur’s narrative, rooted in tradition but driven by innovation, presents an energy future where India plays a central role, with Bharat Tanks and Vessels at the forefront of this movement. LPG Expo 2024 provided the perfect platform to publicise these success stories that transcend continents and inspire a new generation of energy leaders.

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According to the Ibero-American Liquefied Petroleum Gas Association (AIGLP), India has made significant progress in terms of energy and public health through PMUY, a transformative programme launched in 2016 that has taken millions of rural women off their dependence on firewood and replaced it with LPG, a cleaner source of energy. To date, 325 million LPG connections have been established in rural areas with the programme, providing not only gas cylinders and cookers, but also annual subsidies for gas refuelling. The initiative responds to several of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, improving health and well-being by reducing respiratory diseases, promoting gender equality and protecting forest resources, and exemplifying a holistic approach to sustainable progress.

This first LPG exhibition in Southern Africa, and second in East Africa, brought several investors from the sector to the country to discuss sustainable and safe energy alternatives. The two-day event was marked by productive debate sessions and the presentation of the latest innovations in the Liquefied Petroleum Gas sector.


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