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“Government is Creating Conditions for Resumption of Gas Exploration Project in the Rovuma Basin”

“Government is Creating Conditions for Resumption of Gas Exploration Project in the Rovuma Basin”

A monitoring team is working in Cabo Delgado to verify the necessary safety conditions for the resumption of the gas exploration project in Rovuma Basin, led by TotalEnergies”. The assurance was given last Thursday, July 21, in Vilankulo district, Inhambane province, by the Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy, Carlos Zacarias, stating that the Government’s wish is to see the resumption of the operations of the concessionaires as soon as possible.

“The security situation in the area where Total and ExxonMobil’s project will be implemented, in our understanding, has improved a lot. Naturally, before the resumption of the activities there is a great deal of care to be taken by the companies that are going to execute the investments”, he said.


The minister went to Inhambane province as part of the monitoring of the Five Year Government Program (PQG), specifically in the area of oil and gas, energy and mining. Zacarias said that although the Government considers that the conditions for the retaking of the project are improving, it is up to the company to verify if, under its point of view, there is environment to develop its activity again.

The restoration of security in Palma district has opened space for the return of the population and the resumption of some economic activities.

According to the governor, in the same way that the population is gradually returning, following the improvement of security conditions, the economic undertakings can also do so. He reminded that it was not only Total’s project that was paralyzed by force majeure, but also many others, such as the roads that were under construction in different areas.

In April last year, the multinational Total announced the withdrawal, in Afungi, of all the staff of the Mozambique LNG Project, alleging force majeure.

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The Mozambique LNG offShore project, valued at about 20 billion dollars, aims to enable the exploration of 13.12 million tons of recoverable gas in 25 years and generate profits of 60.8 billion dollars, half of which will go to the Mozambican state.

Total E&P Mozambique Area 1 Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Total SE, operates the Mozambique LNG project, with a 26.5% participating interest, together with ENH Rovuma Area One, S.A. (15%), Mitsui E&P Mozambique Area 1 Limited (20%), ONGC Videsh Rovuma Limited (10%), Beas Rovuma Energy Mozambique Limited (10%), BPRL Ventures Mozambique B.V. (10%) and PTTEP Mozambique Area 1 Limited (8.5%).


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