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Temane-Maputo Power Line Set to Complete in July 2024

Temane-Maputo Power Line Set to Complete in July 2024

Mozambique is on the brink of completing a significant infrastructure project that promises to enhance its electricity transmission capabilities. The construction of the electricity transmission line stretching approximately 580 kilometers from Temane to Maputo, a pivotal development in the nation’s energy sector, has reached an execution level of 75%.

This advancement was announced by Fernando Andela, the spokesperson for the II Ordinary Session of the State Representation Services in Maputo, signaling a crucial step towards the project’s culmination targeted for mid-July 2024.

Project Milestones and Execution
Fernando Andela highlighted the project’s progress, noting that the most challenging aspects, particularly the civil construction including tower assembly, have been successfully completed. Currently, efforts are concentrated on the assembly of cables, marking the final phase of the project. The 400-kilovolt transmission line, originating from the Temane Thermal Power Station in the Inhassoro district of Inhambane province and terminating in Maputo, serves as a backbone for enhancing the region’s power supply. The line is supported by three substations located along the route: Vilankulo-Chibuto, Chibuto-Matalane, and Matalane-Beluluane, ensuring efficient power distribution across the vast distance.

Local Support and Impact
Maputo province has thrown its weight behind the project, providing essential support to ensure its timely completion. This local backing underscores the project’s significance to the region, promising to bolster economic growth and stability through improved energy infrastructure. The successful completion of this transmission line not only signifies Mozambique’s commitment to enhancing its energy capabilities but also sets the stage for future developments in the sector, potentially attracting more investments and fostering regional development.

Looking Ahead: Implications and Outcomes
The Temane-Maputo electricity transmission line stands as a testament to Mozambique’s ambitious efforts to upgrade its energy infrastructure. As the project nears completion, it opens up new avenues for economic growth, industrial expansion, and enhanced quality of life for the residents. This initiative is a critical component of Mozambique’s strategy to ensure energy security and sustainability, setting a precedent for future projects in the region. The successful execution and operation of this transmission line will likely catalyze further investments in Mozambique’s energy sector, paving the way for a brighter and more energized future.

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