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Mozambique-Italy Business Forum: MIREME Says Mozambique Plans to Meet 5.5GW of Regional Energy Demand By 2030

Mozambique-Italy Business Forum: MIREME Says Mozambique Plans to Meet 5.5GW of Regional Energy Demand By 2030

During the Mozambique-Italy Business Forum, which took place on Monday 3 June under the theme ‘Energy, Infrastructure, Logistics, Construction and Agricultural Transformation Sectors’, the permanent secretary of the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy (MIREME), António Manda, said that Mozambique plans to supply up to 5.5 GW of regional energy demand by 2030.

António Manda emphasised that with the increase in energy demand in the region, ‘the country is in a privileged position to become a key supplier, thanks to its abundant natural resources and investments in energy infrastructure’.

‘Mozambique has significant potential to contribute to the region’s energy stability. With the projects underway and the strategic plans we are implementing, we believe we will be able to supply up to 5.5 GW of energy by 2030,’ he said.

MIREME’s permanent secretary also emphasised that energy production in Mozambique is not just limited to natural gas. ‘The country is also investing heavily in renewable energies, such as solar, wind and hydroelectric. These investments are essential not only to diversify the country’s energy matrix, but also to guarantee long-term sustainability and energy efficiency,’ he emphasised.

In addition, António Manda mentioned that Mozambique is committed to improving the logistics and transport infrastructure to facilitate the flow of energy and other resources. He emphasised the importance of agricultural transformation as an area of great potential for sustainable economic development, stressing that affordable and reliable energy is crucial for the growth of this sector.

‘We are working closely with our international partners to ensure that infrastructure, logistics and energy projects go ahead as planned. Our goal is not only to satisfy domestic demand, but also to contribute significantly to the region’s energy needs,’ he concluded.

The Mozambique-Italy Business Forum was attended by the European Union and the Mozambican government through the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy (MIREME) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as Mozambican and Italian businesspeople and experts from the gas and energy sector. The meeting, which took place in the BCI auditorium, promoted panel discussions on the energy, infrastructure, logistics, construction and agricultural processing sectors between the two countries, where various pieces of information were shared to guarantee security for Italian investors in Mozambique.


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