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Government Mobilised $343 Million for Massification of Electricity Grid

Government Mobilised $343 Million for Massification of Electricity Grid

Figures from the Electrification and Projects Directorate of Mozambique’s electricity company (EDM) indicate that US$343 million has been mobilised for work to massify new electricity connections in the country.

According to Mozambican newspaper Notícias, the amount will be used to ensure continuity of the second phase of the massification plan for the period between 2023 and 2025.


A procurement process is currently underway to hire suppliers of various materials, including contractors for installation and consultants to supervise the work.

Within the scope of universal access to electricity, there are two main projects in the country: the electrification of 135 administrative posts, identified without energy in 2019, whose target for conclusion is 2024, and another, called ProEnergia, whose objective is to massify new connections throughout the national territory. Both also advocate the expansion of access to energy to peri-urban and rural areas throughout the country, to expand the national electricity grid.

Last year, over 320,000 families had access to electricity as part of the efforts made by EDM to simplify the contracting processes and reduce the waiting time for new connections, in the scope of the Government’s initiative for universal access to electricity by 2030.

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For this year, the Economic and Social Plan and State Budget outlines that the government will provide 2 billion meticals for the electrification of 22 administrative posts, which will be provided by the National Electrical Network (REN), and autonomous production and distribution systems, with emphasis on renewable energy.

Just last year, the company managed to electrify 12 administrative posts, nine of which via the National Electricity Grid and the remaining three via isolated systems. Nampula province tops the list with 61 435 customers who had electricity by 2022. It has 70 administrative posts, of which 52 have already been electrified.



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