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Global Gateway: “We Need Affordable Measures to Respond to Energy Shortages in Rural Areas”, MIREME

Global Gateway: “We Need Affordable Measures to Respond to Energy Shortages in Rural Areas”, MIREME

Access to clean and safe energy is a challenge for Mozambique, where a large part of the population, especially those in rural areas, still live in the “dark”, a fact that, for some experts, contributes to increasing poverty and slows down the country’s social and economic development.

Lack of information and funding are seen as the main causes of poor energy supply in rural areas. Looking at these assumptions, the coordinator of the Planning Unit of the National Energy Directorate at the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy (MIREME), Inocêncio Gujamo, defended the need for the private sector and other partners to implement more accessible measures to respond to the problem of energy shortages, focusing on renewable and environmentally friendly sources.

Speaking on Thursday, 23 November, during the first edition of the Gateway Mozambique – European Union (EU) Global Investment Forum, specifically on the panel entitled “Developing the Rural Economy through Clean Energy Sources”, he said that companies need to show that they are committed to the issue of electrification and work in partnership with the government, so that the targets set can be achieved, and that by 2030 the whole country will be lit up.

“Mozambique is already improving the legislation so that the private sector is more open. However, companies need tools to be able to respond to this challenge. The issue of access to finance must be overcome, as we have natural resources that need investment,” he said.

For his part, the Director of Advocacy and Resource Mobilisation at the Foundation for Community Development (FDC), Joaquim Oliveira, recalled that access to energy can improve economic activities, develop communities and promote digital inclusion, also highlighting that the private sector is a key player in the expansion and introduction of off-grid solutions.

During his presentation, the FDC source argued that the government and co-operation partners must ensure the financing and sustainability of renewable energy companies in order to eliminate social inequalities.

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“Mozambique has a young population, most of whom live in rural areas, and renewable energies can boost people’s development and create more opportunities. Despite the existing potential, we have the lowest energy consumption, which shows that we need to capitalise and accelerate the pace towards the 2030 target,” he stressed.

Joaquim Oliveira emphasised that “energy helps drive progress and improves health, education, drinking water and other social services. It also generates employment, equality and introduces improved and favourable technologies.”

With the theme “Creating Business Opportunities”, and taking place on 22 and 23 November with 14 panel discussions, the Global Gateway Forum is an event organised jointly by the Government of Mozambique, the EU Delegation and the Association of European Chambers of Commerce (EUROCAM), which brings together various stakeholders from the national and European public and private sectors, with the aim of exploring strategies for attracting quality investment, within the scope of the European Union’s Global Gateway Strategy, and boosting trade between Mozambique and the European market.



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