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Global Gateway: “Mozambique Must Ensure Sustainability and Adopt a Fair Energy Transition Strategy” – Mayra Pereira

Global Gateway: “Mozambique Must Ensure Sustainability and Adopt a Fair Energy Transition Strategy” – Mayra Pereira

The energy transition has become necessary in order to save the planet from the effects of climate change, and in order to achieve this goal it is advisable to adopt new attitudes, namely the supply of renewable energies, the reduction of carbon emissions and the implementation of transparent and balanced legislation.

In Mozambique, the government has been working in partnership with the international community and the private sector to find affordable solutions to achieve the goals and accompany the transition.

In this regard, the president of the Lusophone Renewable Energy Association (ALER), Mayra Pereira, explained that even though there are several renewable energy options, the country still faces basic challenges linked to sustainability, which is why there is a need to adopt a fair and balanced strategy so that, during the energy transition process, no essential part is forgotten.

Speaking during the panel on “Catalysing an Energy Transition”, as part of the first edition of the Gateway Mozambique – European Union (EU) Global Investment Forum, the source said that collective actions are important for conserving the planet, as they generate equality and conserve the environment.

“Mozambique must start creating ideas and transmitting more knowledge on the issue of transition, and this is an important matter for the development of countries,” he said.

Speaking at the same session, Marcelina Mataveia, Director of Energy at the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy (MIREME), said that the country still faces problems related to energy security, modernisation, poor access to energy and climate change, which in a way slows down the development of approved strategies.

According to the official, there needs to be more incentives so that the country can accelerate its plan and be able to further develop its energy matrix, noting that the government is working on implementing favourable legislation.

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“Mozambique has a vast potential for clean energy, especially hydro, solar and wind, not forgetting natural gas. As such, these resources will play a key role in the energy transition and in the trajectory of economic development, allowing for more inclusion and low carbon emissions,” he emphasised.

“The transition implies a change to the right path in energy terms. That’s why it’s essential to have standards that guarantee reliability and modernity at all levels,” he concluded.

With the theme “Creating Business Opportunities”, and taking place on 22 and 23 November with 14 discussion panels, the Global Gateway Forum is an event organised jointly by the Government of Mozambique, the EU Delegation and the Association of European Chambers of Commerce (EUROCAM), which brings together various stakeholders from the national and European public and private sectors, with the aim of exploring strategies for attracting quality investment, within the scope of the European Union’s Global Gateway Strategy, and boosting trade between Mozambique and the European market.



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