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Global Gateway: “Energy Potential Projects Mozambique to Relevant Position Worldwide”, Max Tonela

Global Gateway: “Energy Potential Projects Mozambique to Relevant Position Worldwide”, Max Tonela

Mozambique “has the objective conditions to become an important player in the production and export of clean energy to various destinations on a global scale, at a time when natural gas from the Rovuma basin is presenting itself as an alternative for the energy transition”. This conviction was expressed on Wednesday (22) in Maputo by the Minister of Economy and Finance, Max Tonela, at the opening of the first edition of the Global Gateway Mozambique – European Union (EU) Investment Forum, a joint organisation between the Government of Mozambique and the EU Delegation and the Association of European Chambers of Commerce (EUROCAM).

According to the government official, the country has great energy potential capable of offering the world alternatives for global energy security, referring to the start-up of the floating liquefied natural gas (LNG) production platform about a year ago, which marked the beginning of a new era for Mozambique. “We would like to see greater collaboration between small and medium-sized Mozambican and European companies, which ensure the local transformation of these resources. We believe that, together, we are in a position to offer the world alternatives for global energy security,” emphasised Max Tonela, adding that climate change is forcing the world to take a new approach to the use of clean and less polluting energies.

In addition, the minister considered that Mozambique and the EU have all the elements to jointly position themselves at the forefront of the green energy transition, combining Mozambican resources and European technological excellence. As such, “these resources should be used to make our energy matrix the energy hub of the southern African region”.

On the same occasion, Tonela challenged investors to look at the Mozambican manufacturing industry, as it plays a key role in developing the economy and diversifying the production base.

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“The local transformation of exported goods with a current low level of processing represents an excellent investment opportunity, particularly in the agricultural production of critical minerals such as graphite, heavy sands and lithium. There are no electric motors without graphite, let alone lithium. Therefore, structured partnerships between Europeans and Mozambicans can alleviate this demand and should help accelerate Mozambique’s industrialisation,” he stressed.

The provision of efficient and affordable infrastructure is also another of the challenges facing the Mozambican economy that presents itself as an investment opportunity, according to the minister. In this sense, “there are several investment opportunities in the country”.



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