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“Energy for All”: $140M Needed for Rural Electrification

“Energy for All”: $140M Needed for Rural Electrification

The “Energy for All” project, an initiative of the Mozambican government, needs 140 million dollars to electrify 75 more administrative posts across the country by the end of 2024.

Of this amount, 92 million dollars will go to the public company Electricidade de Moçambique (EDM) and the remaining 48 million to the Energy Fund (FUNAE).

After the project was restructured in 2020, 135 administrative centres without power were identified.

According to the manager of the Rural Electrification Project, Samuel Issaia Gazite, 341 administrative posts out of a total of 416 in the country are currently connected to the national power grid.

The government’s Five-Year Plan foresees that 64 per cent of the Mozambican population will have access to energy from the national grid by the end of the five-year period about to end and the remainder by 2025/2030.

“The project aims to accelerate universal access to rural electrification in our country. It has been a success, given that it was possible from 2020 to the end of 2023 to connect 60 administrative posts to energy from the national grid,” said Samuel Gazite.

He said that during this period, the government disbursed 78 million dollars, of which 45 million were allocated to EDM and 31 million to FUNAE.

The other challenge pointed out by the source has to do with this year’s electrification plan, which projects 570,000 new connections throughout the country, of which 320 by EDM and 250 by FUNAE.

Last year 536,000 new connections were made throughout the country. By the end of last year, 3,260,000 families had access to energy from the national grid.



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