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EDM: “The Temane Thermal Power Plant Will Improve the Quality of Electricity”

EDM: “The Temane Thermal Power Plant Will Improve the Quality of Electricity”

By the end of this year, the Temane Thermoelectric Power Station will be operational, signalling the end of an era marked by frequent energy instability in Mozambique, according to the newspaper Noticias.

This infrastructure aims not only to resolve the historic voltage challenges, but also to substantially raise the standard of energy supply for the population. With the capacity to generate up to 650 Megawatts, of which 450 MW come from natural gas and 200 MW from solar sources, Temane marks the transition to a more diversified and sustainable energy matrix.

António Nhasengo, director of the Strategy and Business Performance Office of Electricidade de Moçambique (EDM), emphasised that the plant “will effectively meet the growing energy demands of the city of Beira, in Sofala, and the pulsating Southern Zone, extending to Maputo”. He also explained that “the infrastructure has been designed to ensure stable power transmission via a 400 kilo volt (KV) line, with strategic substations in Vilankulo, Chibuto and Matalane, establishing a distribution level of 33 KV”.

“The voltage adjustments will provide our consumers with energy that is not only more constant, but also of higher quality. We are injecting power into the distribution system in a way that reflects our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction,” emphasised Nhasengo.

He also referred to the start of operation of the 400 KV transmission line from Chimuara to Alto-Molócuè, which will take place in the first half of this year. This stage represents the start of the construction of a more extensive network that will link Chimuara to Nacala, crossing vital locations such as Namialo, Metoro and Palma, and will be fundamental to guaranteeing energy security in the northern provinces.

Complementing the continuous improvement effort, EDM emphasises the ongoing investments in intermediate infrastructures, which are intended to balance the transport of energy from production sites to end consumers. “This is expected to significantly reduce recurring complaints related to voltage drops along the electricity grid, culminating in a more reliable and efficient energy supply for all Mozambicans,” he concluded.


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