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EDM: Power Outages in Quelimane Affect 15000 People

EDM: Power Outages in Quelimane Affect 15000 People

A malfunction has been affecting the supply of electricity to 15,000 people in Quelimane, in central Mozambique, since Tuesday, the public electricity company has announced.

The “interruption in the power supply” affected neighbourhoods in the provincial capital of Zambezia, “due to a malfunction in the electrical substation” in the city, Electricidade de Moçambique (EDM) explained.

“As a result, 15,000 customers are without power,” at a time when “EDM technical teams are on the ground” to resolve the situation.

“In a first phase, the supply of electricity will be [resumed] with restrictions,” EDM concludes.

Domingo reports that the neighbourhoods affected are  Incidua, Contamina, Torrone novo and Torrone velho.

EDM currently has the goal of achieving universal access to energy in the country by 2030.

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According to the latest figures, by the end of November, 2022, the company had installed more than 300,000 new electrical connections in 11 months, a milestone in its 45-year history.

EDM announced at the end of last year that the Mozambican government had already mobilized around US$343 million to “continue to guarantee the roll-out of new electrical connections”.


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