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EMOSE Challenged to Explore Opportunities in Oil & Gas Industry

EMOSE Challenged to Explore Opportunities in Oil & Gas Industry

Mozambican Insurance Company (EMOSE) was challenged by the Government to explore the opportunities in the oil and gas extraction industry that is being developed in the country, specifically in the Rovuma basin, Cabo Delgado province.

The appeal was made last week by the Deputy Minister of Economy and Finance, Amilcar Tivane, during the launching of the commemorations of the 45 years of the company’s creation.

According to the minister, EMOSE has shown signs of resilience and gradual improvement in profitability indices, and so it is necessary to position it for current and future challenges, taking into account that the country is structuring itself to become a major exporter in the gas industry.

Outside the hydrocarbon sector, Amilcar Tivane urged EMOSE to take the insurance services to micro, small and medium enterprises, as well as to the most needy sections of the population.

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On his part, EMOSE’s CEO, Joaquim Langa, said that after a deep institutional transformation, the company’s mission was to provide people, goods, services and businesses with total guarantee, actively contributing to the national socio-economic development.

Faced with the imposed challenges, Langa assured that EMOSE will consistently consolidate the leadership in market share and achieve a greater margin of solvency thanks to sustainable financial robustness, considerable liquidity and exceeding all the indicators set by the regulator and market standards.


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