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CPMZ to Increase Fuel Transport Capacity to Zimbabwe

CPMZ to Increase Fuel Transport Capacity to Zimbabwe

The Mozambique-Zimbabwe Pipeline Company (CPMZ) announced its intention to increase its fuel pumping capacity from three to five million cubic metres from the port of Beira, in the central province of Sofala, to neighbouring Zimbabwe over the next few years.

According to Agência de Informação de Moçambique, studies are currently underway to build two fuel pumping stations in the Nhamatanda district of Sofala province and in Messica, Manica province. The work is expected to take two years.

The engineer of the Mozambique-Zimbabwe Pipeline Company, Donaldo Uaracula, explained that the study is already in its final stages, although he did not give details of the amount to be spent on the project. “Before, we had two million cubic metres and with the rehabilitation that has been done, which is also in the final stages, we’ve gone up to three million. After the construction of two new pumping systems, we will increase our capacity from the current three to five million cubic metres of fuel,” said the source.

The CPMZ engineer explained that this work is being carried out by qualified national and foreign technicians with the aim of creating the capacity and conditions to respond to any request in the future.

“We now work with a total of nine fuel supply companies. Zimbabwe is still our main customer,” he said during a visit to the company by the Secretary of State for Manica province, Fernando Bemane, as part of his work in the Gondola district.

On the occasion, he congratulated the company for contributing to the economy of the province and the country in general. “This company employs around 120 workers, all Mozambicans, and that is very satisfactory for us. We’ve heard that it’s a growing project and we ask them to continue to invest in its development,” he said.

“We know it also has a social responsibility aspect. The company is building a lot of infrastructure for the population, such as hospitals and schools, and providing more drinking water for the communities. So it’s these gains that make us very happy. We see that the population is satisfied with the company’s presence,” said Fernando Bemane.

Built in 1962, the Mozambique-Zimbabwe Pipeline Company is a state company with private sector participation.

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