Coral Sul: PR Encourages Young Engineers to Deepen Their Knowledge of Oil & Gas

Filipe Nyusi, encouraged young engineers working on the Coral Sul FNLG floating platform to maintain good attitudes at work and to learn more and more about the gas industry, in order to pass on this knowledge to other young people.

The governor was speaking on Tuesday, 23 November, to 80 Mozambican engineers, of the nearly 300 working on the Coral Sul project, moments after inaugurating the floating platform that extracts and processes liquefied natural gas, in the Rovuma Basin. The development was built as part of the developing Coral Sul FLNG project, whose production and export of liquefied natural gas began this November.

“Don’t worry about being few, keep working. When we were in Korea, the number of Mozambicans was still very small. Ensure the work and learn more and more to train others,” encouraged the President quoted by Notícias.

The head of state recalled the request made in South Korea during the baptism ceremony of the platform. “At the time we said, ‘have a good journey and arrive well’. They managed to move the platform in a very short space of time, within the deadlines set.”

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At the beginning of his address, Filipe Nyusi said it was quite exciting to see the platform operating with young nationals and foreigners. “They are all united in one mission, which is to create prosperity for Mozambique and the world.” He also warned about the need to maintain the infrastructure: “those who saw the platform in South Korea and see it here, will see no difference. Therefore, I ask you to continue to maintain the platform”.



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