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Stock Exchange Chairman Urges Financial Sector to Launch More Sustainable Bonds

Stock Exchange Chairman Urges Financial Sector to Launch More Sustainable Bonds

The President of the Mozambican Stock Exchange (BVM), Salim Valá, called on the financial sector to diversify its bond issues, including ‘Green Bonds and Blue Bonds’. These financing instruments are aimed at projects that promote environmental sustainability. The initiative aims to boost commitment to environmental protection, as reported by the O Económico portal.

Salim Valá pledged to actively support sustainable financing initiatives, emphasising that ‘the institution is committed to developing an appropriate regulatory and operational framework’. And that this effort ‘includes the creation of specific markets for Green Bonds and Blue Bonds, as well as other social bonds, aimed at projects that promote the green and blue economy’.

This move is part of a process that BVM had already started in 2022, with the aim of preparing instruments for the launch of such initiatives. ‘We are committed to aligning our regulations with internationally accepted standards, clearly defining the characteristics and trading of these new financial instruments in Mozambican,’ explained the BVM president.

However, Salim Valá recognises that issuing social bonds requires certification by accredited and authorised entities to ensure that they meet the standards set by the International Capital Market Association (ICMA). ‘Certification is a business opportunity for both enterprising citizens and companies, and can be carried out by individuals or collectives,’ he emphasised.

The implementation of sustainable financing, according to the Mozambique Stock Exchange, will not only improve the country’s position in the rankings of capital markets and stock exchanges, but could also attract more foreign investors. This is due to Mozambique’s favourable conditions in terms of biodiversity, potential for renewable energy production and natural and maritime riches, positioning the nation as a preferential destination for investments in sustainable products, describes the O Económico report.


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