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Salim Valá: “Mozambique Must Create Conditions for the Sustainable Development of the Stock Market”

Salim Valá: “Mozambique Must Create Conditions for the Sustainable Development of the Stock Market”

The CEO of the Mozambique Stock Exchange (BVM), Salim Valá, said on Wednesday 1 November that the country needs to start thinking about creating the conditions for the sustainable development of the capital market, stressing that this will help boost business investment and boost earnings generation.

According to the official, it is important to promote a culture of research that helps to better understand the stock market and how Mozambican companies of different sizes can access finance, promote savings habits and make investments in a safe and profitable way.

Salim Valá said there was a need to look for a “light to guide action in the future that will allow the different players in the capital market ecosystem, especially entrepreneurs, investors, brokers, regulators, the BVM and other players to make decisions based on evidence”.

“The capital market has developed on the basis of knowledge acquired about economics and finance. Information and knowledge are crucial for the proper functioning of the financial markets and for understanding the behaviour, irrational patterns and speculative bubbles that occur in them,” he explained during the opening ceremony of the first scientific conference on the “Capital Market and Stock Exchange”, an event organised in partnership with the Higher Institute of Science and Technology of Mozambique (ISCTEM) and on the theme “Contributing to the Sustainable Growth of the Capital Market in Mozambique”.

For the chairmans, well-functioning capital markets are reflected in economic growth, adding that it is essential for governments, universities and the private sector to ensure a satisfactory level of investment in education, research and technological development in order to continue expanding the horizons of human knowledge and its practical applications within the economy.

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For his part, the director-general of ISCTEM, Carvalho Madivate, said that the conference was an attempt to find solutions to existing problems.

“As an educational institution, we are improving our relationship with the business market as part of the school’s own reform process, with the aim of changing the way we think about the accounting sciences. No university can be transformed without business partners,” he concluded.


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