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BVM Wants to Attract Foreign Investors and List Large Companies

BVM Wants to Attract Foreign Investors and List Large Companies

The Mozambique Stock Exchange (BVM) has announced that its priorities this year are to attract more foreign investors, to have large national companies listed and to allow Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) greater access to the stock market.

‘Even in an economic context that still inspires a lot of caution, with companies still depressed after being battered by successive years of crises and internal and external shocks, we can say that in 2023 the main indicators of the stock market experienced remarkable growth,’ explained BVM’s chairman, Salim Valá.

According to him, entrepreneurs and investors nowadays realise ‘that BVM is not only a financing alternative, but also an investment mechanism’.

‘Data from the Central de Valores Mobiliários (CVM) shows a significant increase in the number of investors using products and services from the capital market and the Mozambique Stock Exchange, with growth of 292%, from 6495 investors in 2016 to 25,470 investors in 2023, indicating that many already understand the advantages,’ he said.

Valá said that this year the organisation ‘aims to consolidate the gains made in 2023 and open up new and innovative lines of work, with sustainable financial products and services’.

‘The Mozambican stock exchange also plans to start operationalising the Business and Strategic Plan, to be implemented by 2028, in order to increase operational performance, economic results and improve the company’s management and governance mechanisms,’ he stressed.

‘We also intend to promote inter-institutional partnerships, open BVM up even more to the world and attract more foreign investors, while also moving forward with an intervention strategy that allows large companies to list on the stock exchange, and more SMEs to finance themselves via the capital market and stock exchange,’ he emphasised.

Salim Valá clarified that at the end of 2023 the national stock market had 84 listed securities, 43 of which were Treasury Bonds, 16 Corporate Bonds, nine Commercial Paper and 16 companies, representing a growth of 29.23 per cent compared to the securities listed in 2022.

Entrepreneurs and investors now realise ‘that BVM is not just a financing alternative, but also an investment mechanism’.

‘The upward trend in the indicators is reflected in the market capitalisation, which rose from 164.2 billion meticals in 2022 to 183.8 billion meticals in 2023, an increase of 11.89%,’ he explained.

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As for BVM’s turnover, he explained that it stood at 22.1 billion meticals last year, a growth of 33.12 per cent compared to the same period in 2022.


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