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About 19 Companies May Enter BVM Over Next 4 Years

About 19 Companies May Enter BVM Over Next 4 Years

The Mozambique Stock Exchange (BVM) intends to admit 19 more companies to the market, increasing from the current 11 to 30 in the next four years. With this measure, BVM intends to face one of its main challenges, which has to do with the need to see more companies listed on the stock and bond market, as well as the increase in market capitalization.

“We also intend to contribute to the growth of private sector financing, focus on the creation of new products, services, markets and financial instruments, as well as admit the listing of companies in the State Business Sector (SEE),” said Salim Valá, Chairman of the Board of Directors (PCA) of the institution.


Valá was speaking in the context of a working visit of the Planning and Budget Committee (CPO) of the Assembly of the Republic (AR) to BVM in the context of the supervision and oversight that this group of deputies has carried out on public companies and institutions in which the State has a stake.

According to the PCA, BVM intends to create appropriate mechanisms to attract Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), promoting the formalization of the economy and the internationalization of Mozambican companies.

“It is in this context that we are considering the introduction of temporary incentives targeted at companies listed on the Stock Exchange, as well as broadening and deepening the implementation of a training and financial literacy program, particularly on the capital market” he stressed.

For his part, the president of the Planning and Budget Committee, António Niquice, said that the parliamentarians are interested in seeing BVM attract more and more companies, especially SMEs.

Niquice defends that the companies of the State Business Sector should be listed in the Stock Exchange as a way to obtain financing advantages and visibility in the national and international market.

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He also explained that the visit had as objectives to verify, among other aspects, the performance of the company’s financial indicators, the strategies to boost the national economy, the communication and promotion plan, the legal framework that regulates the operation of the institution, and the existing incentives to stimulate savings and investment.

“We were interested in knowing more about the adhesion of Large, Small and Medium Enterprises (GPME) to the stock market, as well as the influence of BVM on the performance of SMEs,” he said.

By 2021, the stock market had a trading volume of 12 057.80 million meticais.


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