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ComiBlock, A Nigerian Startup To Help Users Invest In Cryptocurrencies

ComiBlock, A Nigerian Startup To Help Users Invest In Cryptocurrencies

Launched in February, ComiBlock uses technology to help its users become better crypto investors.

“We measure progress by helping our users achieve specific life goals, rather than generating the highest possible portfolio return or beating the market. We also do things like auto rebalancing and crypto harvesting, services that were only available to the ultra-rich until now,” founder Dennis Ejimnkeonye told Disrupt Africa.

“We believe that as cryptocurrency matures as an asset class, a purpose-built financial ecosystem is needed, mirroring traditional equity and fiat investment markets. The gap we saw was a fundamental and overlooked opportunity.”

ComiBlock is for now focused on Africa, but looking at a global scale.

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“We are currently exploring a strategy around compliance and regulation. While the Security Exchange Commission in Nigeria has given some clarity around robo-advisor and crypto, we are looking further out with compliance, which gives us an edge from a global perspective,” said Ejimnkeonye.

“So far, none of the major robo-advisors globally include crypto in template or automated wallets, only a couple allow clients to trade crypto on the side.”


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