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Africa is Breaking Free Financially Through Bitcoin

Africa is Breaking Free Financially Through Bitcoin

With its widespread adoption of Bitcoin, Africa is discarding traditional narratives and assuming the role of financial epicenter for the world. Forward being the only way to go.

African countries have led the way for Bitcoin adoption globally, pioneering the first truly peer-to-peer movement and teaching us about the true uses of bitcoins and the possibility of greater financial inclusion of the underbanked in spite of the focus on speculative activity in many parts of the developed world.


Despite Africa being viewed negatively by Westerners, their contribution to this financial revolution paints an entirely different picture. There has been an unstoppable explosion of wealth, technology, and innovation.

Ultimately, Bitcoin is not for the millionaires, it’s for the millions. We need to focus on Bitcoin as a means of exchange instead of minting quick millionaires through speculation and meme coins in order to accomplish its true purpose.

Africa has been voted the third fastest-growing economic level for crypto adoption, with Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, and Tanzania making up the top 20 in Chainalusis’ Global Adoption Index. With more than half of Africans lacking traditional bank accounts, Bitcoin can provide financial services to anyone regardless of status, location or income.

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Nigeria has one of the youngest populations withinside the world, with over 75% of its populace below the age of 35. They are extremely decided and enthusiastic, they are moving the continent into the economic golden age. By combining the entrepreneurial spirit with the extreme force and commercial enterprise flair the Nigerian children are in the end, fostering a grassroots economy. One which we need to all be paying extra interest to.


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