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The World in 2024: Discover the Dates that Will Be the Hallmarks of the Year

The World in 2024: Discover the Dates that Will Be the Hallmarks of the Year

An electoral super-marathon will take place in 2024. There will be more than 40 national or transnational elections around the world, in countries that concentrate more than 40 per cent of the global population such as the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Mexico. In Africa there will also be elections in at least 18 countries (including Mozambique). Check out the other major events taking place in Africa and around the world.


  1. Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Ethiopia and Iran join the group of emerging economies known as BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa).
  2. Presidential elections in Taiwan, which will determine the future of relations with China
  3. The CAN (African Nations Championship) football tournament kicks off in Côte d’Ivoire on 11 February. Mozambique will play its first match on the 14th against Egypt
  4. The world’s largest cruise ship, The Icon of the Seas, makes its maiden voyage


  1. More than a billion people go to the polls in Pakistan
  2. Start of the Year of the Dragon in China, a sign of prosperity, luck and success
  3. American football’s Super Bowl to be held in Las Vegas for the first time
  4. Indonesia, the world’s third largest democracy, holds presidential elections
  5. The Moon Sniper is scheduled to land on the moon. If the mission is successful, Japan will be the fifth country in the world to land on the Moon (after the United States, Russia, China and India).
  6. Cape Town Jazz Festival, with regular appearances by Mozambican artists
  7. Presidential elections in Senegal that will decide Macky Sall’s successor

n.a. Presidential elections in Mali, scheduled for the 4th and 18th, to be rescheduled


  1. premiere of the second part of the film Dune, a science fiction classic
  2. Formula One season kicks off with the Bahrain Grand Prix
  3. Donald Trump will go on trial for trying to overturn his defeat in the 2020 presidential elections, the day before “Super Tuesday” in which Republicans will vote for their candidate
  4. The 13th edition of the African Games kicks off in Accra (Ghana) and will run until the 23rd.
  5. Parliamentary elections in Portugal, following the resignation of Prime Minister António Costa
  6. Oscars 2024 Film Awards Ceremony (96th edition) in Hollywood
  7. Presidential elections in Russia. Vladimir Putin could remain in power until 2030


  1. A major total solar eclipse will be visible across North America
  2. The annual meeting of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund begins in Washington
  3. The Rolling Stones will be back on the road in North America, with Europe to follow

n. d. General elections in India (in April or May), in which Narendra Modi is favourite for a third term as prime minister


  1. Sweden (Malmö) hosts the Eurovision Song Contest for the 7th time
  2. Gitex Africa, a technology and start-up event, takes place in Marrakech
  3. The famous Bushfire music festival kicks off in Malkerns Valley (Eswatini)

n. d. Elections in South Africa between May and August, celebrating 30 years of democracy and in which Cyril Ramaphosa’s ANC could lose its majority in Parliament


  1. start of the T20 World Cup cricket tournament, in which South Africa, Namibia and Uganda take part
  2. Mexico will have a woman president for the first time. The elections will be contested by Claudia Sheinbaum, former mayor of Mexico City, and Senator Xóchitl Gálvez.
  3. The citizens of the 27 member states of the European Union will elect their representatives to the newly enlarged European Parliament, with 720 seats
  4. 50th G7 Summit (responsible for 50 per cent of the world’s GDP) in the city of Puglia, Italy
  5. Football will be at the centre of the world’s attention with Euro 2024 in Germany and, from the 21st, the Copa America in the United States (both competitions end on 14 July).
  6. Presidential elections in Mauritania (with a possible second round on 6 July)


  1. NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) leaders meet for their annual summit in Washington, as the alliance marks its 75th anniversary.
  2. Elections in Rwanda. President Paul Kagame, who has been in power for 30 years, is the favourite
  3. The Republicans choose their candidate at the party convention in Milwaukee
  4. Paris will host the Olympic Games (running until 11 August), 100 years after they were last held in the city of light


  1. The Perseid meteor shower will reach its peak (more than 60 visible per hour)
  2. Inauguration of the new city of Nusantara, capital of Indonesia, replacing Jakarta
  3. The Democrats nominate their presidential candidate at the Chicago Convention
  4. Start of the Paralympic Games, for athletes with some kind of disability, in Paris


  1. A major multimedia exhibition of the artist Van Gogh opens in London as the centrepiece of the National Gallery’s bicentenary celebrations.
  2. Germany holds elections in the eastern states of Brandenburg, Saxony and Thuringia


  1. Presidential, legislative and provincial elections in Mozambique. Filipe Nyusi’s successor is not expected to be known until March. Ossufo Momade will be Renamo’s candidate
  2. Launch of NASA’s Europa Clipper space mission, a probe to study the habitability of Jupiter’s icy moon, which is called Europa
  3. Final regatta of the 37th America’s Cup, the oldest trophy in sport, in Barcelona

n.d. Elections in Chad, Tunisia and Botswana. BRICS+ summit in Kazan, Russia


See Also

  1. Americans will elect their president and who controls Congress
  2. The next UN COP29 climate conference will be held in Azerbaijan


  1. Presidential elections in Ghana, where Nana Akufo-Addo’s successor will be chosen
  2. Paris’ Notre-Dame Cathedral reopens its doors, five years after the terrible fire
  3. The remake of Nosferatu by Robert Eggers, the world’s most famous vampire, is released

n.d. Inauguration of the new Navi Mumbai Airport, designed in the shape of a lotus, in India

n.d. Presidential elections in Algeria and South Sudan. Elections in Togo, Burkina Faso, Mauritius, Namibia, Guinea-Bissau and the United Kingdom are also scheduled.

n.a. = dates not available or yet to be confirmed.
Sources: The Economist, Graphic News, EISA (Electoral Institute for Sustainable Democracy in Africa), Deutsche Welle, Radio France Internationale, Hindustan Times


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