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Mozambique Among the Top Ten Most Stressful Countries in Africa – Report

Mozambique Among the Top Ten Most Stressful Countries in Africa – Report

No matter who you are or where you live, stress finds its way into our lives. It could be because of a demanding job, financial pressures, or even the environment we live in. For instance, people in some countries deal with way more stress than others, and this is especially true in many African countries.

Stress is a psychological and physical response to demands and pressures. It can be triggered by various factors including personal relationships, financial difficulties, job demands, and environmental conditions.

In Africa, stress levels are notably high due to a combination of economic challenges, political instability, and social issues. According to an earlier Gallup report, Chad leads Africa with the highest percentage of stressed workers at 58%.

However, a new report by CEOWORLD magazine has revealed the most stressed countries globally, with several African countries ranking high on the list. Last year, money, the economy, and health issues emerged as the biggest sources of stress, the report revealed.

The report compared 211 countries and territories across four categories: work-related stress, money-related stress, family-related stress, and health- and safety-related stress.

The report helps identify which countries are doing well in terms of mental health and which ones need improvement.

South Sudan has been ranked as the most stressful country in Africa with a stress score of 45.68. Burundi follows closely with a score of 45.8, and the Central African Republic is next with a score of 46.07.

Below are the top 10 most stressful countries in Africa:

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RankCountryTotal stress score
1South Sudan45.68
3Central African Republic46.07
4DR Congo46.24

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