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New Motor For Electric Cars Can Be Installed On Wheels

New Motor For Electric Cars Can Be Installed On Wheels

The British company Saietta Group has introduced a new product designed for electric cars. We are talking about innovative electric motors installed in the wheels of vehicles, and to demonstrate their potential Saietta Group decided to create the AFT 140, a modular electric platform with a flat design, almost like a skateboard. This solution maximizes the space available for the chassis and has the advantage that it can be adapted to all kinds of vehicles.

The inclusion of the motors in the wheels also reduces the complexity of the drive unit and allows the number of parts needed to be reduced, which consequently reduces the overall weight of the set. “We don’t intend to become a platform manufacturer and have only developed a chassis to demonstrate the potential of our innovative in-wheel motor. We want to work with platform builders, complementing rather than competing with their innovations,” says Wicher Kist, CEO of the Saietta Group.


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