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Humble One, the First Solar-Powered Suv

Humble One, the First Solar-Powered Suv

Humble Motors is the latest California-based North American startup looking to gain relevance in the area of electrification. Its first offering is called the One, and it’s a first, as the brand (founded in 2020) presents it as the world’s first solar-powered SUV. The Humble One, which has only been presented in the form of a prototype yet, is equipped with photovoltaic cell panels on the roof, on the doors, and on a kind of “wings” that open when the vehicle is parked.

Still, none of the sketches released by Humble Motors show more than the roof cells. All combined, these photovoltaic cells allow you to recover between “16 and 96 km of autonomy each day, depending on the area where you live” and, of course, the sun exposure.

However, only a small percentage of the battery is recharged with the energy captured by the solar panels, which serve as a complement to the action of the vehicle’s energy recovery systems and external charging, as in a conventional electric car. “Humble” can even be translated to “humble,” but believe me, this One has very unassuming numbers.

The California company promises a maximum power output of 1034 hp and a range of approximately 800 km. These are interesting numbers, but so far they only serve as a reference, since Humble Motors only plans to present a production version in 2024. Only then will we know for sure what this solar solution, which has also been explored in projects such as Aptera or Sono Motors, is worth. If all goes as planned, Humble Motors will begin deliveries of the One in 2025. But it is already possible to make a $300 deposit and reserve a copy. The final price of the One is set at $109,000.


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