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Apple Seeks in South Korea and Japan Manufactures For the Apple Car

Apple Seeks in South Korea and Japan Manufactures For the Apple Car

The project has been one of the most enigmatic in recent years coming from the Cupertino company. Nobody knows how the car will be, what technologies it will bring, what price segments it will reach and, mainly, when it will be presented and sold. The news that is known speaks that Apple has the project in development and has been in the market for some time looking for an Asian car manufacturer to produce its cars.

It started as Project Titan in 2014, and has led Apple to gather more than 1,000 experts and engineers from the automotive segment. Seven years later, the company may have a finished product ready, but is struggling to hire factories to produce it.

Apple Car Could Appear in 2024

According to a new report, which comes in line with information revealed in the past, Apple plans to launch the “Apple Car” in 2024. As such, those responsible for the project are visiting Korean and Japanese car manufacturers.

Previously, sources supposedly with information related to the project claimed that Apple would launch the “Apple Car” earlier than expected. That is, if it was already pointed out the date of 2027 for the launch the information is that now the year 2024 will be the appointed for the start of a new Apple product.

According to Digitimes, the focus now is on how the “Apple Car” can be produced amid the global chip shortage. The automotive industry is also being affected by this component crisis. Apart from processors, the publication says there are also problems with other unspecified chips.

Previously, where the 2024 date was released, it was Hyundai’s claims that left the chance of the “Apple Car” being manufactured in the United States up in the air. However, this information may just be rumours.

There are some indications that Apple is continuing to refine its vehicle. Recently, it was reported that the American company is working on a new monocell car battery design for 2024. So there are some indications, but not much more than that yet.


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