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Nyusi Challenges Telecommunications to Strengthen Fight Against Cybercrime

Nyusi Challenges Telecommunications to Strengthen Fight Against Cybercrime

In Cabo delgado, 350 of the more than 900 state employees and agents, in Muidumbe, who had left the districts following the terrorist attacks, have resumed their work posts.

The announcement was expressed by the secretary of state in the province, Antóbio Supeia, who visited the district this Friday, as part of the monitoring and evaluation of the process of restoration of the administrative machinery, for the effective return of the population.

António Supeia, who was speaking to journalists, said that the return of the officials to Muidumbe is a result of the security climate in the region and the commitment of the Defense and Security Forces, of the friendly troops of SADC and Rwanda, who are fighting relentlessly against the terrorists. Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi on Thursday challenged the telecommunications sector to mobilize all its stakeholders to ensure greater cyber security in order to protect infrastructures and their users.

Speaking in Maputo City, during the gala of the 10th anniversary celebration of Movitel, one of the three mobile operators in the country, Nyusi said that legal reforms, currently underway, will bring long-awaited solutions on cybercrime and illegal financial transactions “that tend to gain ground using the infrastructure and equipment of the telecommunications sector.”

Nyusi defended the need for continued expansion of mobile phone services throughout the country and the improvement of the quality of services provided, always taking into account cyber threats.

He also expressed his satisfaction at the level of coverage of the mobile phone signal at the district level, but warned “The gaps in network coverage, network outages and instability could represent a setback in our agenda of providing more and better mobile phone services.”

Nyusi quoted the results of a recent study, which says that the signal quality decreases with the transition from 3G to 4G technology.

According to Nyusi, the scheduled publication of the monitoring report should promote competitiveness among operators, so that they can improve their services and ensure the availability of information to subscribers so that they can make the best choice.

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“We urge the INCM (Mozambique’s National Communications Institute) to continue playing its regulatory role, taking steps to ensure that the recommendations of the service quality monitoring report are observed,” he said.


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