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Mateus Magala: “INCM Should Invest in 5G Technology to Develop the Telecommunications Sector”

Mateus Magala: “INCM Should Invest in 5G Technology to Develop the Telecommunications Sector”

The 2015-35 National Development Strategy argues that scientific research, innovation and technological development are fundamental factors for industrialisation, as they allow for improved efficiency through the emergence of new techniques and technologies that make it possible to increase production and productivity.

Following this line of thought, the Minister of Transport and Communications, Mateus Magala, challenged the National Communications Institute of Mozambique (INCM) to invest seriously in installing 5G telecommunications services in all the provincial capitals, a technology designed for wireless and high definition communication, which allows for the operation of a good quality, fast and reliable Internet.

Speaking on Monday, April 1, during an event in the city of Quelimane, Zambézia province, the government official said that the expansion of broadband opens up space for the evolution of the digitalisation process, stressing that “the Internet has now become a working tool, not only for organisations, but also for research and investigation institutions”.

“Telecommunications services are very useful, as they help with access to information in various social spheres, so we need to invest seriously in this component and create the conditions for everyone to be covered,” he explained.

According to Magala, the biggest challenge at the moment is the resilience of telecommunications infrastructures, since extreme weather events continue to affect their quality. Nevertheless, he emphasised the need to combat cybercrime.

“The INCM must work to combat cybercrime and terrorism, and we must look at this situation as a collective problem,” he concluded.

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