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Tecno Sold More Smartphones in Africa than Samsung and Apple in 2023

Tecno Sold More Smartphones in Africa than Samsung and Apple in 2023

Transsion Holdings, manufacturer and maker of Tecno phones, has emerged as the leader of smartphone sales by volume in Africa, surpassing Samsung and Apple, according to a recent report. The report by Hong Kong-based firm Counterpoint Research revealed that Tecno smartphone shipments grew by 77 per cent year on year in Q4 2023.

This growth helped Transsion surpass Samsung and Apple in sales across the Middle East and Africa for the first time.

According to the report, Tecno’s sales were primarily driven by smartphones priced around US$150. Some of these phones include models such as the Tecno Pop 7 and the Camon 20 Pro that have become popular with consumers.

The report also noted that Tecno had already surpassed Samsung in African sales since 2020, thanks to the successful launch of phone models in the lower price band and continued market spending.

Yang Wang, a senior analyst at Counterpoint Research, explained that the growth Transsion enjoyed in 2023 was as a result of the improved macroeconomic environment across most countries in the region.

“Transsion brands benefited the most from these tailwinds as they are the most invested in Africa’s mid-to-lower tier smartphone segments, among the biggest brands,” he told The South China Morning Post.

Wang added that as inflation and energy prices came down and local African currencies stabilised across most countries, many customers, particularly the lower-income audience, felt more optimistic about splashing money on gadgets.

Wang added that Tecno dominated the smartphone market with its continued investments in marketing and channel penetration, alongside ambitious plans to launch high-end smartphones such as foldables and flip phones, leading to increased visibility and credibility among audiences.

The report noted that Tecno, Infinix and iTel together accounted for 48 per cent of the smartphone market in Africa in 2023. Tecno’s market share in 2023 was 26 per cent, while Infinix and iTel had 12 per cent and 10 per cent market shares, respectively.

Besides Transsion, other Chinese smartphone phone brands, including Xiaomi and Oppo, also enjoyed remarkable growth, with Xiaomi capturing a 7 per cent market share in Africa in 2023, while Oppo has a moderate 5 per cent smartphone shipment share in Africa.

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