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MTN and Huawei Launch Technology Innovation Lab for Digital Transformation in Africa

MTN and Huawei Launch Technology Innovation Lab for Digital Transformation in Africa

MTN Group, the South African telecommunications company, and Huawei, the Chinese multinational network and telecommunications equipment company, officially launched the Technology Innovation Lab at MTN Group’s headquarters, heralding a new era of collaboration in the digital world.

This venture, unveiled for the first time during MWC 2024 (the annual trade fair for the mobile communications industry) with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding, signals a strategic move to deepen their partnership, driving digital transformation and sustainable development across Africa.

According to the Innovation Village portal, the Technology Innovation Lab aims to revolutionise digital progress in Africa by promoting inter-regional collaboration. It aims to reinvigorate the continent’s digital ecosystem by accelerating the development, implementation and adoption of cutting-edge innovative solutions. This initiative reflects MTN’s transition from a traditional telecoms operator to a comprehensive technology service provider. The lab will focus on critical areas such as 5G and 5G-A technologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI), big data analytics, cloud computing, FTTH (technology for interconnecting homes via optical fibre to provide digital TV, digital radio, Internet access and telephony services with better quality, less interference and lower loss), automation and digital financial services – all essential components for Africa’s digital future.

During the launch event, visitors were treated to demonstrations of world-class technology use cases in Networking, Fintech, Information Technology (IT) and Security (SI).

“This lab further demonstrates our commitment to developing relevant, sustainable and transformative solutions designed specifically for the African context, and signifies a strategic investment in the continent’s future – these are solutions born in Africa and for Africa. It will catalyse the growth of the digital economy, fostering innovation and generating lasting opportunities to empower communities and promote the continent’s development,” said Ralph Mupita, President and CEO of MTN Group.

“The Technology Innovation Lab is more than just a technology centre; it is a platform for collaboration, demonstrating our technological capabilities resulting from the continuous investment made by MTN over the past 30 years. It’s a space where the best minds can come together, share ideas and push the boundaries of what’s possible. By working closely together, we can harness each other’s strengths and the collective brilliance of Africa’s innovators to create solutions that will transform lives. This collaborative spirit is what will unlock the true potential of this lab,” emphasised Mazen Mroué, Director of Technology and Information at MTN Group.

“We will collaborate with MTN to create leading products and solutions for the African market and, together, we will explore new business models to lead the industry forward. We believe that the creation of the innovation lab will accelerate the development of Africa’s digital economy and build a more prosperous and sustainable African continent,” said Cao Ming, president of Huawei’s wireless solutions business.

According to Innovation Village, this initiative promises unrivalled innovation, digital inclusion and economic progress, shaping a better future for the continent.


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