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MTPM to Invest in Point of Sale (POS) Payment System for “Chapas”

MTPM to Invest in Point of Sale (POS) Payment System for “Chapas”

After the ‘Famba’ project, which aimed to guarantee electronic ‘card’ payment facilities for public passenger transport services, failed, now the Maputo Municipal Road Transport company says it is going to invest in the ‘chapas’ public passenger transport payment system using POS.

According to the newspaper Domingo, MTPM has already acquired 65 POS and is now establishing partnerships with mobile phone operators in order to merge them into a single payment system using cards or mobile services. They have already expressed an interest in the ‘facility’.

However, there is apparently a lack of interest on the part of drivers and fare collectors in joining these systems in order to prevent their bosses from knowing how much money is being collected on a daily basis. But there is also an unwillingness to wait for payments to be finalised by each passenger.

The newspaper says that in order to digitise the transport sector, mobile car operators should create conditions for the plates to have points of sale (POS) to allow connection and exchange of information. With such a device, it would only take one touch of the mobile phone to carry out operations.

In fact, the devices already exist in the country and we’re waiting for the transport operators to come forward with the idea.


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