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Joaquim Chaves Group Invests in Digital Transformation Through the “Cort-X” Project

Joaquim Chaves Group Invests in Digital Transformation Through the “Cort-X” Project

The Joaquim Chaves Saúde (JCS) group intends to digitally transform all of its operations. According to the company, the plan is ambitious and very long-term, and the first phase of the Cort-X project is already underway, which began in January, and involves digitizing all administrative processes of the group, a work that is expected to be completed by March 2023. The process is being carried out with technological coordination by Salesforce and consulting by Deloitte in the implementation.

“This is the most disruptive project of the group,” said Miguel Veludo, director of customer service at JCS and responsible for the first phase of Cort-X, adding that the idea of digitizing the group’s operations arose to follow the trend of digital transformation, on the one hand. On the other, in this first phase, it is justified by the growing need to know the customer.

JCS is divided into four business areas: laboratory analysis, medical clinics, radioncology clinics, and fitness. These areas translate, from the north to the south of Portugal and Mozambique, into more than 200 own collection points, more than 150 third-party collection points, eight medical clinics, eight radioncology clinics, and a gym.

“Until now, customer data processing was segmented, JCS had no way of knowing if a laboratory user also frequented the group’s gym or was a client of one of the medical clinics. There was no cross-referencing of data and, therefore, we didn’t know our customer’s journey”, informed Miguel Veludo, who assured that this problem will be overcome with this digital transformation project, and that the intention is to know the customer better, mainly because it is a group that is diversifying its offer.

“We needed to make this leap, which will allow us to know the client in a 360° vision and not allow him to know more about his journey within the group than we do ourselves,” he adds.

According to the director of customer service at JCS, all units will be administratively unified on a single platform, allowing that every time a person comes into contact with the group or needs some service the employee will have access to the entire history of that person’s relationship with JCS.

“Digital transformation is a matter of survival. On a normal day we receive six to seven thousand customers. In the oncology area between 1500 and 1700 customers per day, in the fitness area up to 1500, and through the remote contact channels we register 3500 interactions daily. That’s why it’s important to aggregate information about all these clients”, he emphasizes.

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The platform is being developed by Salesforce and the implementation is being advised by Deloitte. Miguel Veludo does not reveal the costs of the digital transformation triggered by JCS. He assures, however, that it is a very large investment, with a considerable volume, but “this step had to be done”, he highlights. And he continues: “Cort-X is going to be our brain in what concerns the client’s relationship with our digital ecosystem. This ecosystem, which will be based on a CRM system to better manage the client, connecting him to all the contact and response channels that orbit within JCS, integrates more than 400 requirements identified by the group.

The Joaquim Chaves Saúde group currently employs three thousand people, and the digital transformation process that the group has begun will not result in any reduction in human resources, according to the company.

“This digital transformation will be another asset to add to the technological capacity of JCS, whose clinical analysis laboratories have an automation level of 99%, with 86% of the total analysis being produced in a fully robotic way,” he concluded.


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