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“It is Not Acceptable that Digital Broadcasting Network Has no Portal”

“It is Not Acceptable that Digital Broadcasting Network Has no Portal”

The President of the Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA – Mozambique), Jeremias Langa, said this Wednesday that the State needs to be more proactive in making information available.
“The State needs to be aware of the importance of making information available,” said Langa, who was attending a seminar as part of today’s celebration of the International Day for Universal Access to Information.

The media professional lamented the fact that the Transport, Multiplexing and Transmission Company (TMT), – which offers free transmission of 22 digital channels, nowadays, does not have a portal, considering the fact that it is responsible for the digital transmission in Mozambique.

The journalist said that the cost of creating a portal is low, and therefore he does not see any reason for its non-existence at TMT’s service, even more so for the budget made available to go ahead with digitalisation.

“We don’t want an institution, whose role is to stimulate information, not to have the conditions to set up a page. The digitalisation, at the television level, consisted of placing around 70 transmitters throughout the country and the creation of studios in the provinces. There was a financing that the Government had access to and the cost of creating a page is extremely reduced in relation to the resources that were made available and invested in digitalization”, he said.

On the occasion, MISA – Mozambique presented a report which concluded that the Ministry of Health (MISAU) is the ‘most transparent’ state institution in the provision of information. In general, state institutions are deficient in making information available.

Of the 40 points possible to achieve in the MISA-Mozambique classification, MISAU achieved 31 points.

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“There are steps that have been taken and we need to bring this information to encourage other institutions. We feel that this is not everything, and this information can be made available more regularly,” said Jeremias Langa, quoted by Radio Mozambique.

In addition to the response in a timely manner after a request for information, MISAU has an electronic page where it provides information about the sector, with emphasis on budgets, spending and public tenders.




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