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Absa Bank Moçambique Debates Future of Digital Banking

Absa Bank Moçambique Debates Future of Digital Banking

With the purpose of raising the awareness of its Customers and the General Public to the use of digital channels, in the light of the advantages and facilities that this solution offers for its convenience, simplicity, convenience and security, Absa Bank Mozambique held the 7th edition of Affluent Quick Talks, about the future of digital banking.
The evolution of societies was strongly witnessed by technological development, which influenced the modus operandi of people in various contexts, and banking is no exception, having bet on the offer of digital services. And this was the main theme debated in this event.

For the founder and President of the Association of Mozambique Fintechs, João Gaspar, “digital banking is sustained by the electronic system, where even credit cards are an example of fintechs. That is, fully digital financial products, in which the use of technology is the main differentiator compared to traditional services in the sector.”

According to João Gaspar, fintechs have come to revolutionise the way in which people access banking services and banking institutions are a great example of these technologies in which operations and payments are carried out digitally, one of the aspects that currently contributes for banks to associate more and more new digital services to collective financing platforms, payment system aggregators and insuretechs”.

The head of Digital, Voice and Physical Channels of Absa Bank Mozambique, Denise Cruz, said that “our customers’ needs are evolving and we will continue to monitor this evolution in our digital channels, providing the ease of carrying out transactions, quickly, efficiently and securely, whether for payment of services, transfers between accounts and mobile wallets to the increment of a financing.

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