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FNB Launches Digital Platforms To Simplify Access To Its Services

FNB Launches Digital Platforms To Simplify Access To Its Services

This Wednesday, 25 October, OFNB Moçambique launched its repositioning campaign in the national market, which aims to boost the company’s services through digital means.

The company presented three digital channels, namely an app, a website and Internet Banking services, with a view to simplifying its customers’ banking experience.

The app, called FNB ON, brings innovations such as access to banking services via mobile phone, requiring facial recognition or a fingerprint, without leaving aside the conventional way of entering a PIN. The platform also allows the user to customise the display of content according to their preferences, define the most frequent transactions and keep them as favourites.

“FNB ON brings a series of advantages to customers, who can count on convenience, security and simplicity from the first time they use it,” said Sansão Monjane, FNB’s director of Electronic Banking and Information Technology.

The company also renewed its brand, presenting a new logo, as a way of becoming more versatile and extending beyond banking and financial services.

FNB’s Marketing and Communications Director, Cláudia Chirindza, explains the evolution of the brand, recognising that change is important in order to remain relevant to customers.

“The refresh helps us create a versatile brand image and feel that aligns with our accelerated transition to helping customers beyond banking, into the lifestyle and business solutions categories,” she says. “At the centre of our evolution is the recognition of our responsibility to keep pace with radically changing customer needs and the global transition to an era of digital platforms,” he adds.

For his part, Peter Blenkinsop emphasised that “for 16 years, our efforts have been fundamental in helping families and businesses prosper and realise their dreams. That’s why we want to bring you solutions that are simple and secure”.

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