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Fintech Performance in Mozambique Faces Constraints – Association

Fintech Performance in Mozambique Faces Constraints – Association

The alert was given by the Association of Fintechs of Mozambique (FINTECH.MZ), which considers that such constraints impact on the activities of Fintechs in the country.

FINTECH.MZ says that the country needs new laws, necessary to favour some activities that are currently constrained.

Through its President, João Gaspar, FINTECH.MZ, made it known that new laws are needed, or a review of existing ones, to speed up, for example, the processes of opening and use of digital accounts, both for individual customers and for micro, small and medium enterprises.

For FINTECH.MZ it is very important to systematise “with greater rigour” the processes of access and use of the single national network services considered essential for full interoperability between financial operators, but also for diversity and for the appearance of new services that better meet the needs of excluded populations.

“It is also important to review the constraints on the use of cloud computing infrastructure abroad”, he exemplified.

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“And it is therefore one of the critical factors that we would like to see resolved during this year.”




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