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Weak Investigative Capacity Hampers the Fight Against Organised Crime in Mozambique

Weak Investigative Capacity Hampers the Fight Against Organised Crime in Mozambique

The lack of specialised equipment and weak investigative capacity are among the main shortcomings in the fight against organised crime in Mozambique, the government admits in the national prevention and combat strategy document.

“There is a need to obtain better specialised equipment and expand investigative capacities and skills to combat the activities of complex organised criminal groups,” says the national strategy for combating organised crime, a document produced by the government and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) to which Lusa had access today.

In the document, the Mozambican executive also admits to the existence of coordination challenges between the institutions, adding that there is a lack of a “unifying strategy”.

“In recent years, the crimes that have been committed range from wildlife (including illegal fishing and mining) and forestry crimes to trafficking in drugs, people, firearms and counterfeit products,” the document states, also highlighting the increase in cybercrime.

For the Mozambican executive, the effectiveness of the fight against organised crime depends on a “whole of society” approach, as well as “continued political will”.

“Following the formal adoption of the strategy, a common evaluation and monitoring framework will be adopted and the institutions that are part of the inter-institutional technical committee will be asked to formulate their own plans,” the document adds.

UNODC is a United Nations agency specialising in criminal justice, drugs and crime, and is collaborating with the Mozambican government under a framework agreement for the areas of transnational organised crime.



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