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State Budget: World Bank May Resume $300M Support for Mozambique Later This Year

State Budget: World Bank May Resume $300M Support for Mozambique Later This Year

The World Bank may restart, still this year, the direct support to the State Budget, with an injection of an initial package of about 300 million dollars.

The information was advanced by the Minister of Economy and Finance, Max Tonela, who also made it known that the Government is in the process of mobilizing various partners who were waiting for a positive signaling from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to formalize the support in the portfolio.


According to Notícias, Max Tonela said that the country is also expecting support from several nations that have a number of important financing lines with Mozambique, but which, for the same reasons, have been suspended.

The statement by the Minister of Economy and Finance was made at the joint press conference with the IMF Resident Representative in Maputo, Alex Meyer, in which they announced the approval, last Monday, by the Fund’s Board of Directors, of a US$470 million aid package, thus marking the resumption of the State Budget aid program to Mozambique, interrupted about six years ago.

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Explaining the type of activities developed for the International Monetary Fund and other partners to resume the direct aid program to the State Budget, Max Tonela explained that the discussions with the IMF have always existed.


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