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FACIM 2023: Government Concerned About Low Participation of SMEs in Exports

FACIM 2023: Government Concerned About Low Participation of SMEs in Exports

The government is concerned about the low participation of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the process of exporting national products.

According to Beatriz Machava, head of the Bilateral Cooperation Department at the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MIC), who was speaking this Thursday (31) at the Maputo International Fair – FACIM 2023, despite the facilities that the Executive has been creating in the establishment of bilateral agreements in the area of trade, SMEs are still not exploring the international market.

“We would like SMEs to occupy a third of the export market. To this end, the government has established an agreement with the European Union (EU), which has a purchasing power of approximately 38,000 dollars per capita, under the MozExport programme, to boost the participation of small businesses,” she said, quoted by the Sunday newspaper.

A few days ago, the National Investment Bank (BNI) announced a 25 million dollar financing line to help SMEs export their products.

“As part of the fund mobilisation component with Banco Afrixembank (African Export-Import Bank), BNI has mobilised a line of financing to support SME export processes. It’s already available for a total of 25 million dollars and has a duration of five years,” explained the head of BNI’s Business Development Unit, Ancha Omar.


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