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EMOSE “Renews” Support for Small and Medium Businesses

EMOSE “Renews” Support for Small and Medium Businesses

The Mozambican Insurance Company (EMOSE) reiterates its commitment to support Small and Medium Enterprises (SME), as part of its program for the development of the national economy, in an action that counts with the partnership of the Mozambican Chamber of Commerce and the Consultancy Company SBS.

This assurance was expressed by the PCA of EMOSE, Joaquim Langa, during the III Conference on “Banking and Insurance”, which was held under the theme “The Role of Insurance Companies in Financing Small and Medium Enterprises”.

Langa said, on the occasion, that EMOSE has the commitment to insure the national economy and to actively participate in the socio-economic development of the country.

According to the PCA, one of the unavoidable sectors in the development of the economy is Small and Medium Enterprises, which represent 90% of the business fabric of the country.

“Therefore, with our commitment to contribute to the development of the economy, we decided to support the SMEs in particular, facilitating access to financing, which is one of the great constraints for the development of this sector,” said Langa, explaining that such support consists of his intervention, through his guarantee services to entrepreneurs, so that they can have the path facilitated for loans and respective guarantees with the banking and other varied funds.

According to him, Tete is one of the provinces where megaprojects are being developed that need to be linked to Small and Medium Enterprises, and therefore it is necessary that they have resources so that they can be prepared to offer their services.

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“We are going to support these companies so that they can have the treasury capacity, in order to serve the megaprojects, here, in the province of Tete,” emphasized Langa.

This is the third “Banking and Insurance” conference, after one held in the city of Beira and another one in Maputo, where, according to Joaquim Langa, the results showed that EMOSE is becoming a very useful tool for businessmen.

The conference also served to mark EMOSE’s 45 years of existence, created by decree in 1977, currently extending its services throughout the country, with 25 offices, including delegations and branches.


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